Have you seen a lot more properties hitting the market this past week? More For Sale signs on lawns? Because I definitely have! More inventory means a less likely chance of competing in multiple offers. Keep in mind the properties that are very desirable are still selling quickly.  

Here is what’s happening in the Tri-Cities and all the current inventory that has hit the market and sold in the month of April.


Like all markets across the Greater Vancouver Area there is fluctuation when it comes to price, inventory and days on market. Click on the links below to see the real estate market trends in the Tri-Cities for the past year. It will be interesting to see the stats for April and compare them, stay tuned for another market update in May.


Port Moody – Coquitlam – Port Coquitlam

January 2017 to March 2018 – Attached/Detached Homes Averages.


Average Sales Price

Attached: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/jdlW-fKO

Detached: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/jdlL-0mh


Total Inventory

Attached: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/jdle-S4s

Detached: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/jdZB-dHS


Days on Market

 Attached: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/jdZj-Jfc

Detached: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/jdZC-89e


Port Moody

Attached: Click Here to View Listings

Detached: Click Here to View Listings


Coquitlam – Blows Port Moody and Port Coquitlam out of the water with most inventory listed and sold in April 2018 thus far. 198 properties to be exact!

Attached: Click Here to View Listings

Detached: Click Here to View Listings


Port Coquitlam

Attached: Click Here to View Listings

Detached: Click Here to View Listings


Would you like some more information about a specific area? Shoot me an email or text.

Barbara.hutniak@remax.net or 778.988.7487

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Warmer weather is just around the corner which also means patio weather! Here are some DIY and low cost outdoor living ideas for your home. Whether you have a small balcony or a large backyard here are some ideas that work for everyone.


Pallet Patio

Easily create a sectional and table. Paint the pallet and make cushions.




Have patio furniture that looks drab? It might just need a good clean. If not, refinish with a stain or paint.


Wood & Cement Blocks

Create a long bench or side table with two components. The hardest part will be transporting the materials home.


Vertical Garden

Great if you don’t have a lot of space and it can also double as a privacy screen.


Little extras to make it pop!

Brighten up your patio with an outdoor rug, flower pots, flowers and outdoor pillows.


Let's spring into action and get our patios prepped for patio weather!

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I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter Long Weekend. Now that the buds are blooming and the weather is warming up it’s that time of year again, Spring Cleaning! 



Here are some helpful cleaning tips.

  1. To clean your fridge, combine salt and soda water for the best results.
  2. How to get rid of lime buildup around fixtures; soak paper towel in vinegar and let sit for one hour.
  3. Use a scrap of carpet to clean window screens.
  4. Clean windows with two rags; first a rag with soapy water and then a dry rag.
  5. Bring your drapes to their original glory; remove hooks and put into the dryer on air-fluff cycle along with a wet towel.
  6. Use a furniture polish to clean the blades of a ceiling fan.
  7. Hang your comforters, blankets and pillows on a clothesline for a day, to air them out after a long winter.

Full Article Click Here


 Do you have any cleaning tips? Please share them below.

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Everyone knows that the Spring Market is the busiest time in real estate. It’s when you start to see more inventory and buyers. Most people want to move in the Summer which makes Spring the most logical time to sell or start looking.



Here are some benefits of listing your home in Spring.


Moving Day: Nobody wants to move when it’s raining and especially not when it’s snowing! Most people want to move when it’s warmer out. Plus, your curb appeal looks better in the warmer seasons.


Spring Has Sprung: After winter you may feel unmotivated and a little down, but once it’s starts warming up and we have more sunshine in the forecast it kicks everyone into gear. The likelihood of selling your home is higher in the spring time, since it’s the most active real estate market of the year.


Ahead of the Crowd: With a long weekend coming up many sellers would rather wait to list their home. But why wait? If buyers are serious they are looking now! If your listing your home wouldn’t you rather be ahead of the competition. Less competition and more buyers mean a higher chance of selling fast.


Summer Break: If you are a parent, summer is the ideal time to move since the kids will be out of school. So, if you want to move in the Summer the perfect time to start looking is now.


Thinking of selling you’re home this Spring? Give me a call today. 778.988.7487

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With rising prices many First-Time Home buyers are looking to continue to rent in their ideal location and buy an investment property in more affordable cities across the lower mainland. An important side note, 20% down is needed to buy an investment property. Since the buyer will not be living in the property they save their First-Time Home Buyer property tax exemption for when they buy their primary residence down the road and after they have built equity on their investment property.

Thinking of buying an investment property? If the condo has a tenant that would like to stay, this is what you need to know as the landlord. Becoming a Landlord can be a rewarding experience if done correctly, for more information on how to protect yourself as a landlord visit Landlordbc.ca and Landlordregistry.ca.


Tenancy issues to consider before purchasing a condo:

  1. Is there a written tenancy agreement?
  2. What rules – such as smoking and pets prohibitions – are in place?
  3. Did the seller take a security deposit from the tenant?
  4. Was a move-in inspection report completed by the seller and the tenant at the beginning of the tenancy?
  5. Did the seller increase the tenant’s rent at any point in time during the tenancy?
  6. If the property is sublet or the tenancy is assigned, did the seller provide their written consent to this sublet or assignment?
  7. Is there history of disputes between the seller and the tenant?



Questions? Comment below.

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With all the developments appearing across the lower mainland people are lining up for Pre-Sales. With the rising prices this is a great alternative for people as long as they are willing to wait, most often for years! If you have been one of those people lining up for a Pre-Sale, you know that it’s not easy to just give your money and lock in a unit. That’s why assignments have also become popular, the Seller makes a profit and the Buyer gets into a brand new building. It can be risky or a win-win situation as long as everything is done properly.


Here’s what you need to know about being the Assignor (Seller):

  • If the Buyer is unable to complete, the Assignor responsible for completing the transaction.
  • Is Assignment of a pre-sale contract permitted under the purchase contract?
  • Does the Developer have an Assignment Fee?


Here’s what you need to know about being the Assignee (Buyer):  

  • Review the Disclosure Statement and associated documents in great detail.
  • Will the deposit and “lift” be paid by the assignor?
  • If possible, release the money to the assignor only after the building is complete and the title has been transferred.
  • If there is a breach in the assignment agreement or pre-sale contract, what happens?
  • Did you know most lenders will not hold a rate especially on long completion dates or they will revaluate and potential not reapprove you. RBC is the only bank that will hold your rate until completion.


I recommend you have your real estate agent and lawyer review all the documents thoroughly.




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When starting your home search, it’s important to choose your ideal location and check if it’s financially possible. There’s many things you can change about your home but location is not one of them! Staying in your ideal location may lead to sacrifice of square footage but in the long run you will be happier. Vancouverites normally move around quite a bit so paying off a home is not very common, instead people equity shift. Once your home goes up in value you sell and upsize. Another option if your ideal location is not an option financially is buying an investment property in the Fraser Valley and continue renting in your ideal location.



What to think about when pin pointing your ideal location.

  • Urban Vs Suburban
  • Explore Potential Neighbourhoods
  • Research Proximity to Work & Schools
  • Think About Family & Friends
  • Look into Crime Rates

Full Article: Click Here


Where is your ideal location? Comment Below.

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The Spring market is fast approaching and more properties will be hitting the market. Are you thinking about listing your home? Renovations can be costly and time consuming. If your home is looking outdated here are some simple and cost-effective tips to help you make your home market ready.



Repaint – A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Make sure to do it properly because nothing is worse than wall paint on the ceiling or baseboards. Be sure to use painter’s tape or hire a professional.


Power Wash Exterior – Getting rid of the mildew and dirt and leaving a sparkly clean home will attract buyers. Everyone knows first impressions matter!


New Hardware – Update your faucets & knobs and keep the same style throughout.


Flooring – Worn down flooring instantly puts dollar signs in a prospective buyer’s eyes. Ease their stress by putting in new uniform flooring throughout.


Light it Up – Replace light fixtures to modernize your space.


Front Door – Add some character to your home by painting or completely replacing your front door.


Clean up – Nothing is worse than walking into a home and all you call see is clutter. Once you leave it’s hard to remember what the home even looked like.


Thinking of selling? Call me today and I can help you make your home market ready.

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed looking through strata documents? In my opinion when buying into a strata property the most daunting task for a buyer is reading the strata documents and understanding them.  There's usually hundreds of pages to go through including the Form B, Meeting Minutes, Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes, Special General Meeting (SGM) Minutes, Strata Plan, Depreciation Report, Financial Statements, Bylaws/Rules, and don't forget about the Title Search and Property Disclosure Statement. 


I'm hoping this blog post will give you some clarity and guidance next time you are reviewing strata documents.


First you need to block off at least a couple hours, and a glass of wine usually helps!



Title Search:

 If you haven't seen a Title Search before it is common for the property to have covenants and easements, they can be from the city, hydro, air space, etc. It's important to cross reference and confirm that the P.I.D. number is the same on the Title Search and listing sheet. I always verify that the sellers are actually the owners of the strata lot and if there are any charges or liens against the property. 


Property Disclosure Statement:

The Seller fills out this document to the best of their knowledge. It's important to review in case, for example, the seller discloses that they did an upgrade in their unit without the proper permits and without strata’s approval. 


Form B:

It's important to check the Form B for up to date information regarding Strata Fees, amount in the Contingency Reserve Fund, total rented units, Parking/Storage Locker allocated to Strata Lot and most importantly if the Strata lot owes any money to the Strata Corporation. Check if they strata corporation is currently involved in any court proceedings or arbitration. If yes, that property could be flagged by CMHC and require 20% down.



Make a list of what's important to you:

Pet Restrictions?

Barbeques on the patio?



Strata Minutes: 

Confirmed that there are no Minutes missing and check if the strata council is proactive if a problem arises. There is normally 2 years of minutes for review and it's important to check from meeting to meeting how long it takes them to resolve any new business. Check if there's been any special levies or strata fee raises. Another important one for those rule breakers out there is how easily they fine owners for infractions, do they give you a couple warnings or just give you a fine.


Depreciation/Financial Report:

The Depreciation Report gives you an idea of any maintenance or repairs forecasted in the years to come. The Financial Report breaks down the strata’s operating cost, contingency reserve fund, insurance and year to date surplus. 


Have a question? Give me a call 778.988.7487


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I hope everyone had a chance to enjoyed family day yesterday! This past weekend was absolutely beautiful but it was definitely chilly. All the patios on Brewer’s Row were full as if it was summer. Only in BC is it patio weather in February! I worked all weekend but I still took time to do what I love, hiking. Living in the Tri-Cities there are a ton of great hiking trails.

Photo Taken February 11, 2018


Here is a list of my favourites:


Port Moody


Buntzen Lake: If you look online it says 8km around the lake but my fitness app says 10 k and it takes just over 2 hours. For the more adventurous people out there, there is Diez Vista with breathtaking views.


White Pine Beach: Short walk around the lake and once it’s warm enough you can jump off the docks to cool off.


Shoreline Trail: Great walk around the inlet and finish it off with Rocky Point Ice Cream or a pint from one of the Breweries; Parkside, Moody Ales, Yellow Dog or Twin Sails.



Coquitlam Crunch: Get your booty in shape with about 500 steps and walk to the top along the powerlines.


Crystal Falls: The trail head is among houses at the north end of Shaughnessy and finishes at a beautiful waterfall that drains into the Coquitlam River.  


Minnekhada Regional Park: Beautiful park with trails to Minnekhada and High Knoll Lookout.


Port Coquitlam


Colony Farms Provincial Park: Great park for walking, running and mountain biking. Nice and flat so it is easy on the little ones.


Traboulay PoCo Trail: 25.3km trail that loops around Port Coquitlam. The trail goes along the dykes, parks, river and Downtown PoCo.


What’s your favourite hike in the Tri-Cities?

Comment Below.

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Have you ever lived through a major home renovation? If you have, you know it usually takes longer than expected and it can be a stressful experience. When starting your home search, it's important to sit down and discuss your “Must Haves” and budget. Even though a Fixer Upper may be daunting it’s normally the more affordable option but it’s very important to do an inspection and confirm the home has good bones. When buying a move in ready home, I recommend doing an inspection, to confirm the work was done properly and that you won’t have any surprises down the road. If you are paying more for a move in ready home it’s nice to know that it’s financially worth it.



Let’s see if a Move in Ready or a Fixer Upper is the right choice for you.

Make Your Mark

Fixer Upper: Make your dream home a reality. You choose the finishes, floors, counters tops and colours.

Move in Ready: All the design choices are already made.

Location, Location, Location

Fixer Upper: Picking the ugliest house in your ideal location is beneficial when you don’t want to break the bank.

Move in Ready: You might have to leave your desired location but new and shiny means less problems you would run into with an older home.

High Roller

Fixer Upper: Expected and unexpected renovation cost can really add up.

Move in Ready: It might cost more up front but you won’t be surprised with a leaky roof or sinking foundation.

Living Arrangements

Fixer Upper: Will you live in the home during renovations? Renting while renovating can be an extra expense that you just can’t afford.

Move in Ready: Move right in and start enjoying your life in your new home.

Back Up Plan

Fixer Upper: Did you budget for the renovations? Life happens and sometimes financially you can’t finish what you started. Selling a partially renovated home is much harder.

Move in Ready: Much like buying a brand-new car, a brand-new home will have significantly lower maintenance costs for years to come. As older water heaters, roofs, etc. start to wear out in older homes, those costs can add up.


What would you prefer a Move In Ready or Fixer Upper?





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Buying a condo or townhouse in today's hot market can be intimidating. Here are some helpful tips to have the best odds of winning and owning your dream home. Having been in many multiple offer situations myself, I recommend putting your strongest offer forward and if you don’t win, at least you know you tried your best.



Preparing for Your Offer:

  • Ask your real estate agent or personally talk to your Mortgage Broker and confirm your pre-approval and ask them what you can do to strengthen your offer.
  • Read all the Strata Documents, Property Disclosure and Title Search, if available.

How to Strengthen Your Offer:

  • Bank Draft in hand and ready for the deposit.
  • If possible, I will present the offer in person – I recommend writing a letter telling the Sellers about yourselves and how you feel about the property.
  • Give the Seller their preferred closing dates.
  • Write a subject free offer. If you need subject to financing, ask your Mortgage Broker if short subject removal dates are possible.
  • If the property is tenanted (take over existing tenancy) or vacant, quick closing dates will be appealing to the Seller.
  • For offer presentations hand in your offer at the last minute, see how many offers you are competing against and decide on price then.
  • If they are taking offers as they come, the sooner you submit your offer the better. There’s no tomorrow in real estate!

Have any questions about multiple offers? Let’s grab a coffee and talk about today's real estate market.






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First impressions are very important, especially when it comes to selling your home. What's the first thing you see when you look at a property? The curb appeal. Here are some helpful tips to prepare your home inside and out and have your listing stand out. 




Fresh Coat of Paint - It doesn't have to be the whole house, you can paint the front door, shutters and trim, it will brighten up the exterior.


Update Your Finishing - Replace your house numbers, door knob and mailbox.


Lighten Up - Exterior lights will make your home feel welcoming to prospective buyers.


Landscaping - Having a well manicured lawn and garden will really help with curb appeal.




Declutter - Potential buyers may think there isn't enough space in the home. When you walk into a vacant home it's hard to visualize living there and it's the same for an overly cluttered home.


Staging - Having a professional stager come by and help you reorganize or remove your current furniture will help assist with the sale of your home.


Repair - Fix up any markings/cracks on the walls, clean stained carpets, replace burnt out light bulbs and complete any minor projects. It’s a good idea to have your real estate agent walk through your home and offer constructive criticism before you put your home on the market.


Turn On The Lights – During any Showing, Open House, or Office/MLS Tour turn on all the lights. If you have a fireplace, turn it on as well. The more lite up the home is the more inviting it is.


If you’re in need of recommendations or would like my professional opinion on your current home. Call me now. 778.988.7487


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Well it's that time of year again! Dine Out Vancouver is going from January 19 to February 4, it’s a great excuse to go out for a nice meal. I love trying new things but I find myself going to the same restaurants again and again, so this is a great chance to try something new. From Italian to Chinese food, seafood, vegetarian/vegan restaurants and anything else you can imagine, there is something for every taste. Participating restaurants have a special “Dine Out” menu with a few choices of appetizers, entrees, and desserts (prices are $20, $30, or $40 depending on the restaurant). This year there are over 200 amazing places to choose from, but I recommend making reservations early as the good times tend to fill up quick. 



For more information Click Here


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There are many Real Estate Agents in the Greater Vancouver area to choose from and it can be a hard decision. Here are some reasons why you should hire me to be your Realtor.


I have lived in the Tri-Cities my entire life and am knowledgeable of communities, schools, transit and shopping.


I keep myself well educated with today's market and current inventory.

I am tech savvy, with a focus on Social Media and Online Advertising. My in-depth knowledge of various Social Media platforms enables me to reach a target audience and expose your property to the maxium number of potential buyers.


I attend the Tri-Cities MLS Tour as well as my Office Tour every week. While on tour I keep all my clients in mind and let them know if I see the perfect home for them. Some properties on tour haven't hit the market yet and it gives my clients the advantage of seeing a home first before the public.


Having access to MLS Paragon gives my clients the opportunity to see properties the minute they hit the market unlike public real estate sites that don’t show new listings until 48 hours after becoming active. If you are just searching properties on the public real estate sites sometimes by the time a property is visible it has already sold.


I am here for you whenever you need me, to help you make the right move into the right property. Before making one of the biggest purchases of your life, I do my due diligence and make sure it's a good investment.

If you are in need of recommendations I work with trusted Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Contractors and more. 

I pride myself in my organization, dependability and dedication to my clients.


Looking to Buy or Sell in the Tri-Cities? Give me a call today. 778.988.7487



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At the beginning of a year most people create resolutions and set goals for themselves. Is buying a home one of your goals for 2018? If so, here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track. 




This is normally the most daunting of the tasks when buying a home. How will you save the money? Will you use your RRSP's? Savings? Ask your Parents?


Check Credit Rating

It's important to check your credit score, since any lender will do the same and you don't want to be blindsided. Anything higher than 690 is considered "good."


Credit Clean Up

Make sure to pay your bills on time and if you aren't happy with your credit score take some time to clean it up before you start the pre-qualifications process. Bring up your score up by keeping balances on credit cards low, pay off debt and don’t close unused credit cards.


Get Pre-Approved 

Meet with your mortgage broker, get pre-approved and lock in a rate. Once you meet with a mortgage broker you will have a better understanding of what you can afford and where you should be looking. Let me know if you currently don't have a mortgage broker, I can fit you with one of mine.


Start Shopping

Not sure where you would like to live? It's worth going and checking out neighbourhoods in person and start figuring out what’s important to you. Are you okay with having to drive if you need something or would you prefer the convenience of everything being in walking distance? Is transit important or having easy access to a highway?


Full Article Click Here


Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make and I am here to help. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. 778.988.7487 


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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some time off with family and friends. If you are lucky you still have a few days off before heading back to work! If you are looking to get rid of your Christmas tree, here are a few options in the Tri-Cities:


Port Moody Fire Hall: January 6 and 7, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Chipping is done by donation and firefighters will even vacuum your car! All donations go to the BC Professional Fire Fighter’s Burn Fund. 

Coquitlam Kinsmen Club: Town Centre Park, Parking lot “B” off of Park Roadway. January ​6, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM.


The Friends of Mundy Park Heritage Society: Mundy Park, gravel lot (off Hillcrest Street). January 6,

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Scouts Francophones de Maillardville: Canadian Tire Parking lot (1200 Seguin Drive, off Lougheed near IKEA). Saturday Jan. 6, 2018, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Port Coquitlam #1 Fire Hall: 1725 Broadway St, January 6 and 7, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. $5 minimum donation to benefit the BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund. Call 604.927.5405 for information or to arrange pick-up service (minimum $5 donation). All wood chips created are used in city parks and trails
Residents of Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam can also dispose of their trees in the city-provided green waste bins, as long as they are chopped into small pieces. Port Moody does not allow Christmas trees to be disposed in bins. 



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I personally think there's no way of knowing the future in real estate and the only market we know is today. Nevertheless I would like to share this video, created by RE/MAX, of the housing market outlook of 2018. What do you think the new year holds for us? Comment below.

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Having lived in the Tri-Cities my whole life I definitely have my favourite spots for working out, parks, shopping and restaurants. I've decided to share these places with you because it would be beneficial if you are new or planning on moving to the Tri-Cities. 



Working Out:

  • Kushala Yoga - Great way to relax your mind and body after a busy day and break a small sweat. Click Here
  • ilovekickboxing - Hour long class that will have you soaked with sweat and feeling great after. Click Here
  • F45 - High intensity interval training and only takes 45 minutes out of your day. Classes change frequently so you don’t get bored Click Here


  • Rocky Point Park, Port Moody - I love coming here any time of year! You can go for a walk around Burrard Inlet on the Shoreline Trail to Old Orchard. My husband and I got married at Old Orchard Hall, it holds a dear place in my heart.
  • Buntzen Lake, Port Moody - Great 10km loop around the lake and many other trails 
  • Coquitlam Crunch - Coquitlam version of the Grouse Grind.
  • Gates Park, Port Coquitlam - I play a lot of Softball games there.


  • Vive Clothing Company, Port Moody - Unique clothing/Brands.
  • Pinball Alley Vintage, Port Moody - Fantastic staff and great finds.
  • Coquitlam Centre - Everything you need in one place.
  • Apollo Music, Port Coquitlam - Perfect place to find records.


  • Pizzeria Spacca Napoli, Port Moody - Owner's are from Italy and the pizza can not be beat. Absolutely delicious.
  • Originals Cafe Mexicano, Port Moody - Restaurant is inside a small house with authentic Mexican cuisine.
  • The Bombay Restaurant, Port Coquitlam - Tasty Indian cuisine, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Nagano Japanese Restaurant, Coquitlam - Great service and food.

What are your favourite spots in the Tri-Cities? Comment below.








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With winter approaching quickly and growing home bills, would you be interested in having a greener, more energy efficient home and save money? Here are 7 ways to reduce your homes carbon footprint and attract like-minded buyers once you decide to sell. 



1. Buy energy efficient appliances

2. Replace HVAC (heating & air conditioning) with a more energy efficient system or radiant floor heating.

3. Install double or triple pane windows.

4. Make sure your home is well insolated especially in the attic, around window and doors. 

5. Install solar powered home products.

6. Save energy by going for a tankless water heater.

7. Install a indoor vertical wall garden, it acts as a air purifier and humidifier.


I know some of the tips can be costly but it is worth it becuase they will save you money in the long run.


For the full article Click Here


Do you have tips for reducing your homes carbon footprint? Please comment below.

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