Air Quality Advisory Has Been Issued for Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is once again covered in a blanket of smoke due to the many wildfires still burning around BC. We are currently at a 4 on the air quality scale, and will likely reach 5 by this evening. While these levels are no cause to panic, there are certain precautions you may want to take. The very young and the elderly, as well as people with diabetes may be at a higher risk, as well as those with lung or heart disease, or asthma. You may want to avoid strenuous outdoor activities, especially during mid-afternoon and early evening, when the ozone levels are at their highest. Indoor spaces with air conditioning may offer some relief. 


Click here for up to date information of air quality in your area.


If you would like to donate to wildfire relief you can text FIRES to 45678 to donate $10 to through Red Cross.

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