It's Getting Cold! Tips to Keep Warm & Save Money

Who dreads seeing their BC Hydro bill in the colder months? I do! I can think of so many better ways of spending my money. I live in a corner unit with floor to ceiling windows and its always a struggle to warm up my condo, especially without a fireplace. Here's some helpful tips to winterize your home before the tempertures dip to below zero and stay there.


1. Use electric fireplace instead of a thermostat - Bonus: the fireplace brings a warm and welcoming ambiance to a  room.

2. Use ceiling fan - Especially helps if you have high ceilings, the heat travels to the top of the room and this helps circulate it.

4. Keep thermostat at 20 degrees celsius - For those who dont have a fireplace dont over work your thermostat. Setting your thermostat lower can save you money.

3. Close your curtains - helps insulate the room.

4. Check your furnace - replace or clean regularly.

5. Windows & Doors - Make sure they are airtight.

6. Move your couch - Have space between the baseboard heaters and couch. Avoid the couch absorbing all the heat and start warming your home.


Do you have any helpful tips to keep warm? Comment below. 



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