Making Your Home Market Ready

The Spring market is fast approaching and more properties will be hitting the market. Are you thinking about listing your home? Renovations can be costly and time consuming. If your home is looking outdated here are some simple and cost-effective tips to help you make your home market ready.



Repaint – A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Make sure to do it properly because nothing is worse than wall paint on the ceiling or baseboards. Be sure to use painter’s tape or hire a professional.


Power Wash Exterior – Getting rid of the mildew and dirt and leaving a sparkly clean home will attract buyers. Everyone knows first impressions matter!


New Hardware – Update your faucets & knobs and keep the same style throughout.


Flooring – Worn down flooring instantly puts dollar signs in a prospective buyer’s eyes. Ease their stress by putting in new uniform flooring throughout.


Light it Up – Replace light fixtures to modernize your space.


Front Door – Add some character to your home by painting or completely replacing your front door.


Clean up – Nothing is worse than walking into a home and all you call see is clutter. Once you leave it’s hard to remember what the home even looked like.


Thinking of selling? Call me today and I can help you make your home market ready.

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