Not a Move-Over Buyer? 7 Reasons to Consider Downtown Living

In last weeks blog, I highlighted the benefits of moving to the suburbs. Before you make the ultimate decision whether suburban or city life is for you, ask yourself what you need or have in your life right now, that you can or cannot live without. For example, is having a car important or is that a way you can save money and buy a home in the location you want?

Now let’s take a look at 7 reasons why Downtown living might be a better fit for you.

You’ve Got Action – Everything you need is in walking distance.

Unique Neighbourhoods – Since cities are build around the downtown core the buildings downtown have more character.

Up-and-Coming Areas – Gentrification is attracting many buyers because of lower prices and fixer uppers.

One of a Kind Homes – Homes downtown being older have charm and are unique, definitely not a cookie cutter home.

Higher Property Values – The closer you are to the city the higher the property value.

Hello, Party Central – Great restaurants, bars, pubs, breweries all around you.

The Views – Cityscapes never gets old, especially at night.

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