Port Moody: Free Summer Trolley

Port Moody is attracting more and more people especially during the warmer months, because who doesn't enjoy going for a walk and having an ice cold beer afterwards.  With more people visiting our beautiful city it's nearly impossible to find parking  especially around Rocky Point. Mike Clay, the Major of Port Moody proposed a trolley in October to help with the congestion and have a free alternative to driving. Translink approved this pilot project at a meeting last month and will be funded by our municipal government.

The Trolley will run 4pm to midnight on Fridays, and 2pm to midnight Saturday & Sunday from June to August.  The route will take approximately 20-30 minutes and stop at Rocky Point, Brewer's Row, Suter Brook, Newport Village, Skytrain Stations, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Port Moody Library, St Johns Street and Clarke Street.

Here is a photo of the proposed route. 


I am personally very excited to take advantage of the Trolley this Summer, are you?

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