Reduce Your Home's Carbon Footprint

With winter approaching quickly and growing home bills, would you be interested in having a greener, more energy efficient home and save money? Here are 7 ways to reduce your homes carbon footprint and attract like-minded buyers once you decide to sell. 



1. Buy energy efficient appliances

2. Replace HVAC (heating & air conditioning) with a more energy efficient system or radiant floor heating.

3. Install double or triple pane windows.

4. Make sure your home is well insolated especially in the attic, around window and doors. 

5. Install solar powered home products.

6. Save energy by going for a tankless water heater.

7. Install a indoor vertical wall garden, it acts as a air purifier and humidifier.


I know some of the tips can be costly but it is worth it becuase they will save you money in the long run.


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Do you have tips for reducing your homes carbon footprint? Please comment below.

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