Tips to Stay Sane During Renos

Don’t Settle

When finding a contractor to work with it’s important to interview at least a couple different companies. Meshing well with your contractor will help the reno move more smoothly.

Create a Sanctuary

Can’t move out during the reno? Create an area that can be your sanctuary. Have the doorways blocked off with plastic to keep the room clean and comfortable.

Seal Vents

Renovations can get quite dusty, closing your vents and turning off your furnace will help.

Create a Makeshift Kitchen

Living without a kitchen and eating out for every meal can be tiresome. Making yourself a small kitchen space with a toaster oven, microwave and most importantly a coffee maker can make a world of difference.

Set Aside Funds

Having a contingency fund will help ease your mind if there are any surprises or extra costs.

Envision the End Goal

Renovations can be stressful and over-whelming, imagine the job completed and actually enjoying the space.

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