My combination of skill, experience, marketing strategies, and technology ensures that I can sell your home for the highest possible price and in the shortest period of time. I have the tools to meet the demands of a highly competitive and ever changing market.


From my website, prospective buyers can get information about your home immediately. Through my Personal Home Search, your listing will be sent by e-mail to every prospective buyer in my database, where your home meets their criteria. Plus it will be e-mailed automatically to future prospective buyers as well.


When you list your home with me, and it goes live on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database, other Realtors can immediately access your property information. Plus any Realtors with a seach set up for prospective buyers will receive an automatic email notification. I will also advertise through social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), open houses and doorknocking. Social Media is a fantasic way to have access to thousands of people who are currently looking to buy a home. Through boosted and dark posts it is the most effective way to reach the most people in very little time, while being as green and efficent as possible.

Pricing Your Home

I will help you price your home competitively to attract qualified buyers. By generating a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report which shows you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area. You can complete my online form to get an idea of what your home is worth in today's market. 

Every Step Of The Way...

Remember, I will be working for you every step of the way to make sure that you get the highest possible price for your home in the shortest period of time.